Marlaysia: 30 Days of Hope

There are more than 700 children available for adoption in Virginia. They are ready to find a lasting and loving family forever. In 30 Days of Hope, 10 News portrays a child who needs a home between the hours of 6am and 5pm every day. The children are of all ages and races and were placed in foster families through no fault of their own. 2022 is the sixth year that 10 News is doing this series.

“The perfect vacation looks like pajamas and hot chocolate and smores,” said Marlaysia, a bubbly young lady with a beautiful smile. “Some things I’m good at are dancing in church, singing. I like to write. I like to play games and such. I like going to the cinema and swimming pool, like an indoor pool in a hotel, go-karts.”

Friends would say the 15-year-old is nice, friendly and a good friend. She loves to travel and enjoys the beach.

“I would describe the perfect day as going somewhere with family and friends,” the teen said. “I prefer to dance on TikTok. I’m TikTok famous.”

She wants to be loved the way she is.

“I want people to know that I can do anything, anything is possible,” Marlaysia said. “I’m proudest of myself when I try and don’t give up. I like to help other people. I want to be a nurse and go to college.”

Marlaysia loves to travel and visit places she has never been before. At home she is very interested in learning to cook and willing to help cleaning the kitchen. Marlaysia likes ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos and “mukbang” videos (or videos of a person eating different foods).

Although a bit shy at first, Marlaysia is very personable and will open up once it is comfortable. The teenager is very resilient, not shy and will represent himself.

She does well in public school, helps teachers in the classroom, does her chores without being told home, and keeps her room clean.

The best family for her would be upbeat, social, and able to help her maintain healthy boundaries as she grows into a teenager. Marlaysia is very much looking forward to finding a loving family and a permanent place to call home. She is very open to learning new things and having new experiences with a family, especially when travelling.

If you have questions about Marlaysia or foster care/adoption, contact the Adoption Coordinator at the VDSS Department of Family Services at [email protected].

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