Recycle Lady: Can I recycle Christmas lights?

Dear Recycle Lady,

Today I received a beautiful Thanksgiving card in a gold foil lined envelope. Can this envelope be recycled? Thankful

dear thankful,

Enjoy your beautiful card but if the gold foil cannot be removed from the paper part of the envelope then it cannot be recycled. The card can be recycled with office paper or magazines depending on whether its surface is paper-like or smooth.

Dear Recycle Lady,

We have many older non-LED and LED Christmas lights that are missing bulbs that have become tangled or have stopped working. Can they be recycled? lights that twinkle

love lights that twinkle

Yes, all Christmas lights, regardless of condition, can be recycled. The copper in the cables has value. Take them to the recycling center and ring the bell indicated on the aluminum can door. Someone will come to help you. Lowe’s also recycles Christmas lights. Just bring them through the front door where returns will be processed.

Good to know: Plastic can be found in some very surprising places, including chewing gum, table salt and beer! However, you won’t find it in compostable products because plastic can never fully decompose.

Dear readers,

Happy Turkey Day! I wish everyone a day with family, friends, good conversation and a good dinner that is good for the environment. Using reusable dishes, cutlery, tablecloths and napkins saves landfill space. If you must use single-use items, please purchase 100% recycled or compostable plates, cups, napkins, and utensils (Kroger and Walmart both have them). Cleaning recyclable aluminum foil, sheets, and pans used to bake turkey or casseroles can be a bit of a chore, but it’s worth the effort because they’re recyclable. Last but not least, be sure enjoy the day and have a very happy Thanksgiving Day.

Kudos to Dooeys for making sustainable slippers from plant-based and recycled materials. A vegan apple leather made from apple peels and cores ground into powder forms the upper side of the slipper, the lining consists of recycled polyester suede. EVA made from sugar cane is used for the soles, and cork and recycled foam are used for insoles that support the arch of the foot.

Search information: Does anyone know where Christmas trees are recycled or added to a body of water? If so, please email me so I can pass on the information.

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