ROTHSTEIN 45: Week 4

This week’s Rothstein 45 is now live!

Check out our ranking below:

1. Houston: Saturday’s narrow win over Kent State could be a blessing in disguise.

2.Arizona: Stunning offensive – once again.

3. Purdue: Fletcher Loyer has made 15 three-point shots in six games.

4.Texas: host Creighton on Thursday night in Austin.

5. Virginia: Shooting 44.8 percent from three-point range.

6. Creighton: Ryan Nembhard is perhaps the best point guard in college basketball.

7. UConn: The trajectory goes up.

8. Gonzaga: Julian Strawther must continue to emerge as the secondary scorer behind Drew Timme.

9. Alabama: Wins over North Carolina and Michigan State will travel through selection Sunday.

10. Indiana: Jalen Hood-Schifino is only 4-16 off three-point range.

11. Baylor: A massive week lies ahead with games against Marquette and Gonzaga.

12. Arkansas: Anthony Black is something special.

13. Illinois: Freshman guard Jayden Epps has emerged as a double-digit goalscorer.

14. Tennessee: Had 24 turnovers against Kansas and still won at 14.

15. Kansas: Postplay does not exist.

16. Maroon: Won the last two games with six points combined.

17th Duke: Dereck Lively II had just four points and nine rebounds in three games at the PK85.

18. State of Michigan: Pierre Brooks begins to get into an offensive rhythm.

19. Kentucky: Antonio Reeves could be an X factor.

20. State of Iowa: Elite defensive.

21. North Carolina: 10-41 from three-point range in the last two games.

22. State of San Diego: Let one escape against Arkansas.

23.UCLA: Amari Bailey has averaged 15.5 points in his last two games.

24. Maryland: Julian Reese has made a giant leap.

25. TCU: Beat Iowa by double digits without two appetizers.

26.Wisconsin: An absolute nuisance to play with.

27. Xavier: Averaging 80.7 points in three games in Portland.

28. Iowa: Payton Sandfort is offensive in a funk.

29. State of Ohio: Went 2-1 in Maui.

30. Saint Louis: Miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity this Sunday in Auburn.

31. State of Mississippi: Elite defensive.

32. UNLV: 7-0

33. Texas Technology: Should be 10-2 when the Big 12 game opens Dec. 31 at TCU.

34. St. John’s: Joel Soriano (12.7) leads the country in rebounding.

35. West Virginia: Pressed Florida into submission.

36.Miami: Norchad Omier is a walking double-double.

37. Markette: A big week is on the horizon with games against Baylor and Wisconsin.

38. State of Arizona: Frankie Collins has 12 assists to three turnovers in his last two games.

39.Michigan: The rubber is about to hit the road.

40. Charleston: Four PhD students are in rotation.

41. Virginia Tech: All five starters are on average in the double-digit range.

42. State of Kansas: Markquis Nowell plays the best basketball of his career.

43.Pennsylvania: The top five scorers all shoot 40 percent or better from three-point range.

44. Memphis: DeAndre Williams is always in the right place at the right time.

45. Oklahoma: Won six straight after losing the opener to Sam Houston.

Jon Rothstein is a college basketball insider for CBS sports since 2010 and contributor to the CBS Broadcast Network since 2016. He joined fan duel in 2022 as Content Creator. Rothstein also hosts the College Hoops Today Podcast above Compass Media Networks.