Soundbites: Press Conference (Season Recap)

Tech head coach Brent Pry spoke to the media on Monday

11/28/2022 3:42 p.m

After the regular season ends, Virginia Tech becomes the head coach of football Brent Pry med with the media to a press conference. Read what he had to say below as he recaps the season and looks ahead to December.

head coach Brent Pry

On his assessment of Tech’s coaching staff and whether he anticipates a move:
“I hope there are no changes. There are currently no changes other than our process and a few things we have evaluated throughout the year. I have full faith in these guys, love these guys. Obviously we’ve all, including myself, learned a lot this year about our team, about our people and about how we want to work. The growth and development are encouraging. I might tell a different story if I hadn’t been encouraged by a lot of things I’ve seen.”


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On what the graduating class of 2022 means to him and the plan to recognize them:

“It’s heartbreaking for both groups, UVA seniors and our seniors, that they won’t be able to play that final game. It means too much for both programs. Obviously, given what happened, it rightly takes a backseat. I look forward to “These guys are walking across this square. We’re having a small banquet on Sunday to honor these guys and their families and to recognize their contributions, not just this year but during their tenure here. These guys have come through a lot and endure and invested a lot i strive to honor them and certainly grateful for the way they have accepted me and our new staff sometimes that can be very challenging these guys had open ears and open hearts and have there perhaps given some trust before it was truly earned and deserved. I appreciate that and look forward to showing respect.”

What it Means for Tech’s Prospects When Other Programs Win Instantly:
“I’m looking at what the state of Florida has done since it was hired [Mike] Norvell, I’m looking at what Shane Beamer is doing in South Carolina and the time and growth and where things started. We have a much better grasp of where we were when it started. You come out of the Pinstripe Bowl and start evaluating your roster… It’s certainly heartening to see what TCU has done. I wouldn’t have taken this job if I didn’t think we couldn’t flip the script and do this. I have complete confidence in our employees and administration. We have one of the largest fan bases in the country. This is an attractive spot for recruits, the right recruits, looking for what Virginia Tech has to offer. We will invest the time, the investment. There’s the support. It’s going to take everyone, but there’s no doubt we can do it.”