State of Iowa, West Virginia Daily Fantasy Basketball Tips

Gabe Kalscheur and Jaren Holmes

Iowa State and West Virginia both have games that are part nine of Sunday’s games of the Draft Kings Daily Fantasy Sports for men’s college basketball.

If a Big 12 game is part of the pool at Draft Kings this season, we’ll provide our recommendations on who to pick that night. In this case, the recommendations refer to a classic game with eight players – three guards, three forwards and two guard/forwards (utility). The line-up must include players from at least two different games. The salary cap is $50,000.

For nights that include Big 12 games but aren’t enough to fill out a full Big 12 lineup, we take one guard, one forward, and one utility player from each Big 12 team and fill out the rest of the lineup with players from the rest of the pool. But since there are two Big 12 teams in the pool, we’ll be padding our roster with ISU and WVU players while staying on budget.

Here are the recommendations for Sunday:


Jaren Holmes, ISU ($7,500), Joe Toussaint, WVU ($6,500), Caleb Grill, ISU ($5,800)

Holmes has been the most consistent high-level scorer in Iowa State this season, and compared to the rest of the pool, he was about $2,000 shy of the top guard in every game. Grill is coming off a big game against North Carolina. I don’t expect him to have a game like that on Sunday. But he will give you assists and steals as well as points. I had to keep Erik Stevenson away from WVU because of his ankle injury. He will likely play but if he doesn’t, Toussaint is likely to benefit the most in terms of points.


Aljaz Kunc, ISU ($6,100), Osun Ossunyi, ISU ($6,000), Emmitt Matthews Jr., WVU ($5,700)

The added value was evident here. Their fantasy season averages range from 24 points (Kunc) to 18 points (Matthews). They are also consistent. I’d like to get more rebounds out of Ossunyi, but he’s a consistent double-digit scorer and he’ll play quite a lot. Matthews has just surpassed 1,000 career points and is playing his best offensive basketball for WVU. Kunc does a little bit of everything and that has value in the scoring system.


F Tre Mitchell, WVU ($5,400), G Gabe Kalscheur, ISU ($5,200)

It was easy to get Mitchell and Kalscheur and keep things on budget. In fact, we were about $1,000 under budget. Mitchell gives me a sixth player who averages 20 or more fantasy points this season. Kalscheur averages just over 17, but he can easily reach 20, and he did that against Villanova the other day.

Points system: Point: +1 point; 3pt shot made: +0.5 points; rebound: +1.25 points; Help: +1.5 points; Steal: +2 points; block: +2 points; Sales volume: -0.5 points; double double (Max 1 per player: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals) +1.5 points; triple double: Max. 1 per player (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals): +3 pts

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