Virginia Walmart killer legally bought his gun and left Death Note manifesto

Law enforcement at the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, in Chesapeake, Va. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Walmart executive who shot down a staff meeting Tuesday night bought the semi-automatic pistol he was legally using that same day. He also left a “death note” manifesto which police have now released. The 31-year-old killer claims Satan tricked him into the horrific act.

Of course, Joe Biden followed the Virginia casualty event with some “gun violence” thoughts. Biden’s Thanksgiving message? The commander-in-chief declared that semi-automatic firearms had “no social redemption value”.

Are Biden’s handlers completely deaf or have they lost their ability to control what slips out of his mouth? The same semi-automatic firearms with no “social indemnity value” protect Joe Biden and his family.

More about buying from the New York Times above MSN:

The Walmart supervisor who shot dead six of his colleagues at a store in Chesapeake, Va., late Tuesday bought a handgun just hours before the massacre and left a note on his phone describing how he planned to kill are targeting some colleagues and sparing others, according to new details released by Chesapeake Police on Friday.

As friends and relatives of the victims mourned, with a candlelight vigil scheduled by the city for Monday, the new details provided the first clue as to what led to the outbreak of workplace violence, which took place as members of what was described as closed- knit night team met in a Walmart break room.

Police said analysis of a phone belonging to the shooter, identified as Andre Bing, 31, uncovered the message in which he said store employees mocked him and compared him to a serial killer. In what he called an “obituary notice,” the gunman said he would not kill an employee with cancer because his mother died of the disease.

This photo provided by Virginia DMV shows Andre Bing. (Virginia DMV/Chesapeake Police via AP)

The City of Chesapeake released the manifesto note:

Reading the note, it becomes clear that the killer harbored a great deal of anger towards his colleagues and believed that they wanted to catch him. The killer likely had mental health issues as well, as he also wrote that he had deciphered her subtle “code language.”

Virginia has pretty good concealed carry rights. However, as employees of Walmart, company policy prohibited the killer’s victims from carrying guns on the job. In other words, the killer’s co-workers were fish in a barrel when the 31-year-old walked into that meeting and started shooting.