Virginia Walmart rampage follows uptrend in gun attacks in supermarkets Here’s what we know about retail mass shooters

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Jillian Peterson, Hamline University and James Densley, Metropolitan State University

(THE TALK) A gunshot rampage at a Walmart in Virginia is the latest amid an increase in mass shootings generally in the United States, and mass shootings at grocery and retail stores in particular.

Several people, including the shooter, were killed in the November 22, 2022 incident at a Chesapeake store of the retailer. It follows a racist attack at a Buffalo grocery store earlier this year that killed 10 black shoppers. A previous Walmart mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, in 2021 was similarly racially motivated — 23 people were killed by a gunman who posted a hateful anti-immigrant manifesto online.

We are criminologists studying the life stories of mass shooters in the United States. Since 2017, we have conducted dozens of interviews with incarcerated offenders and people they knew. We also created a comprehensive database of public mass shootings using public data, with shooters coded on nearly 200 different variables.