Walmart supervisor opens fire on colleague in Virginia, killing 6 and himself, World News

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A Walmart attendant armed with a handgun and several rounds of ammo magazines opened fire on co-workers at a Virginia store, killing six people before turning the gun on himself in a break room, witnesses and police said Wednesday ( November 23) .

The country’s latest mass shooting on Tuesday night rocked the city of Chesapeake, about 200 miles south of Washington, and follows last weekend’s massacre in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a gunman killed five at an LBGTQ nightclub.

The Virginia gunman, identified as Andre Bing, 31, of Chesapeake, said nothing as he began shooting at workers who had gathered before their night shift, according to two employees who were in the break room where the shooting spree ended and Bing shot himself.

“Just watched three of my colleagues/friends get killed in front of me,” Donya Prioleau wrote in a Facebook post. “Andre killed her in cold blood…I can’t help but see what happened in that break room.”

Police said at least three people were injured in the attack, which took place when about 50 people were inside the store, a cavernous Walmart Supercenter just off Battlefield Boulevard in Chesapeake, a city of about 250,000 people.

The dead included a 16-year-old boy, who police did not identify, and 70-year-old Randy Blevins, who was planning to retire within the year, a cousin wrote on Facebook.

The others were Kellie Pyle, 52, Lorenzo Gamble, 43, and Randy Blevins, 70, all from Chesapeake, and Tyneka Johnson, 22, from neighboring Portsmouth.

Authorities say they are investigating what may have motivated Bing, an hourly worker who supervised a night shift and has worked for the company since 2010.

The city said its SWAT team executed a search warrant at his home.

“I looked up and my manager just opened the door and he just opened fire,” another Walmart employee, Briana Tyler, told ABC’s Good Morning America.

Several Bing employees told CNN he had a history of exhibiting strange and sometimes threatening behavior. According to CNN interviews, he also made paranoid comments and expressed concerns that the government was monitoring him.

Jessie Wilczewski told Wavy-TV she hid under a table and the gunman pointed the gun at her and told her to go home.

“It didn’t even look real until you could feel the pow-pow-pow. You can feel it,” the store clerk said. “I couldn’t hear it at first because I think it was so loud. I could feel it.”

‘Another one…’


The recent massacre prompted a renewed spate of condemnations by officials and calls from activists for tighter gun controls.

President Joe Biden called the shooting “another horrifying and senseless act of violence” and mentioned a shooting earlier this month that killed three University of Virginia students.

“There are now even more tables across the country that will have empty seats this Thanksgiving,” Biden said in a statement.

According to, there are an average of two mass shootings per day in the United States when it is an incident that kills or injures four or more people.

Jessica Burgess, a surgeon who treated victims at a Norfolk hospital, said she only contacted a colleague in Colorado Springs to offer support two days earlier.


“So it’s very disheartening that I’m now in the same position as my peers from across the country who are reviewing me and my team,” Burgess said. “Sometimes we can only do so much when the injuries have already been made.”

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, already facing increased calls for action to combat gun violence in the wake of the University of Virginia killings, ordered flags to be flown at half-occupied local, state and federal buildings.

Walmart, which has thousands of stores across the country, has been hit by gun violence before.

In August 2019, 23 people were killed at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas near the US-Mexico border in an act law enforcement described as domestic terrorism. It was also the deadliest attack on the Hispanic community in the United States in modern times.

Walmart issued new restrictions on the sale of guns and ammunition after that shooting in 2019, as it did after other shootings at its stores.

“The devastating news of the shooting at our store in Chesapeake, VA by one of our employees last night hit our Walmart family hard,” Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon wrote in a LinkedIn post.